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World's simplest linux tool
This online tool reverses the given lines using a custom browser-based implementation of the Linux rev command. It takes each line and rearranges the characters so that they go from the end to the beginning. As an extra feature (that the original rev command doesn't have), it can also remove empty lines from the input data and clear surrounding whitespaces from the input. Created by Linux experts from team Browserling.
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Multiple Lines
Change the order of characters on each line separately.
Empty Lines
Remove empty lines from the output.
Surrounding Spaces
Delete leading and trailing whitespaces on each line.

What is a Run Rev?

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This JavaScript program runs the Linux rev command in your browser. The rev command, which stands for "reverse", copies the text that you entered and rearranges the characters on each line so that they are displayed in the reverse order. The standard Linux rev program reverses each text line individually but in our implementation, you can also reverse multi-line text in its entirety. In this case, the characters at the end of the last line will be brought to the beginning of the first line and the characters at the beginning will be moved to the end. You can also get rid of empty lines in the text by using the delete blank lines option. If any of the input lines have unnecessary whitespaces at the beginning or end, then you can quickly remove them by enabling the trim option. Note that by default (in the individual line reversal mode), each line is trimmed separately but if the entire input data is being reversed, then only the beginning and end of the entire text is trimmed. Tuxabulous!

Run Rev examples

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Reverse an Idiom
This example executes our browser version of the rev program on the entered text idiom. It rearranges all input symbols characterwise and prints the idiom in reverse.
It's a piece of cake
ekac fo eceip a s'tI
A List of Tourist Attractions
In this example, we enable a couple of extra rev features that we implemented. In addition to reversing every line in a list of world's attractions, we also remove all leading and trailing whitespaces on all lines and delete blank lines.
Giza Necropolis Great Wall of China Statue of Liberty Taj Mahal Eiffel Tower Colosseum Big Ben Stonehenge Golden Gate Bridge Sydney Opera House
siloporceN aziG anihC fo llaW taerG ytrebiL fo eutatS lahaM jaT rewoT leffiE muessoloC neB giB egnehenotS egdirB etaG nedloG esuoH arepO yendyS
Required options
These options will be used automatically if you select this example.
Change the order of characters on each line separately.
Remove empty lines from the output.
Delete leading and trailing whitespaces on each line.
A List of Gemstones
In this example, we load a list of precious gemstones in the input and turn off the multiline option that reverses individual lines. This way, the entire text is treated as a single blob of data. Jewels that are at the top of the list move to the bottom and gems that are at the bottom move up. We also enable the text trimming option to remove whitespaces that surround the data.
Alexandrite Aquamarine Diamond Emerald Opal Pearl Rubie Sapphire Spinel Topaz
zapoT lenipS erihppaS eibuR lraeP lapO dlaremE dnomaiD eniramauqA etirdnaxelA
Required options
These options will be used automatically if you select this example.
Change the order of characters on each line separately.
Delete leading and trailing whitespaces on each line.
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